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GUST is the fast and easy way to remove dust and dirt from delicate or hard-to-clean surfaces. When you Dust with GUST, you get a blast of extremely clean, filtered, moisture-free, high pressure propellant that won't scratch or harm glass, optics, metals, plastics, rubber, or hardware.

With GUST, there's no need to wipe. You simply blow away dust, dirt, and contaminants by squeezing the trigger. GUST's unique "variable pressure" trigger lets you control the dusting force. GUST is like having a portable "air compressor" that you hold in your hand.

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Here's Why Professionals Prefer GUST...

Professional repair technicians use GUST to remove microscopic dust, dirt, and contaminants that frequently cause equipment damage or failure. A simple blast of GUST often repairs faulty components or mechanical devices.

Professionals also use GUST to clean delicate surfaces like camera lenses. GUST permits non-contact cleaning and eliminates traditional "wipe and rub" methods that can scratch and damage critical components.

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When you order a 12-can case you'll get a volume discount plus FREE shipping and handling. Most orders ship the same day. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Hundreds of Uses In Your Home, Office, or Garage...

Dust with GUST at home to clean silk flowers, collectibles, miniblinds, furniture, plants, appliances, lamps and chandeliers. Use GUST to repair stereos, TVs, and VCRs that may be faulty due to dust.

Dust with GUST at play to quickly clean cameras, lenses, camcorders, sewing machines, train layouts, RC vehicles, and other delicate toys and collectibles.

Dust with GUST in the garage to blast wood chips and metal filings from saws, drills, and other tools.

Dust with GUST in the office to clean keyboards, printers, computers, copiers, faxes, phones, and more...

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Computers Cameras Optics Printers Stereos
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Collectibles Tools Appliances Toys Blinds

Here's Why Enthusiasts Prefer GUST...

Useful at Home or at the Office

"GUST worked so well at home (cleaning dust from our computer keyboard) that I brought a can to work and I've been going around blasting all the keyboards, CPUs and CD-ROM drives for my coworkers. Can't wait to get rid of the dust inside my Vette. I'd like to extend a personal "Thanks" to all the folks at STONER for manufacturing and marketing a line of great products that far exceed the advertising promises."
-- S.D., Babylon, NY

Useful in Vehicles

"This past weekend I spent about 10 hours Saturday prepping my 98 C5 Corvette for a huge Car Show at the Nassau Coliseum. I used all of my Stoner products (Invisible Glass, MSLT Tires, MSLT Vinyl and GUST). The day of the show I did a quick last going over with GUST to remove any dust and fibers left behind by my detailing towels. At the end of the day the results proved the quality of Stoner's fine line of car care products. I took home the first place trophy for my division.
A friend of mine, whom I let borrow some of my Stoner products, took home the Best In Class and Peoples Choice Best In Class trophies. He loved GUST and some of the C4 Corvette owners thought that GUST was a great idea. As I said in a previous letter to Stoner, I dedicate this win to your fine company and its great line of products. You keep making them, I'll keep buying them."
-- S.D., Babylon, NY

Convenient and Fast

"GUST gets rid of dust bunnies without using compressed air. It's faster than wiping a soft paint brush for dusting."
-- D.M., Keystone, CO

Here's What Professionals Say About GUST...

Saves Time and Improves Productivity

"I've used Stoner Car Care Products and GUST. They make me more productive. GUST is is great when I'm in the field working on cash registers. GUST gets rid of the paper dust quickly and easily. I spend much less time working on printers. Just a few sprays and all the dust and dirt is gone."
-- J.G., Hazleton, PA

Cleans Hard-To-Reach Areas

"I use GUST to clean VCRs. Some areas are hard to get with a brush. Dirt causes all kinds of problems with electronics, but GUST blasts it out fast."
-- C.M., St. Petersburg, FL

Saves Time and Effort

"I use GUST for cleaning the many sensors on our mailing machines. GUST saves us from taking the machine apart to reach the sensors."
-- T.K., Buffalo, NY

Many Time Saving Uses

"I use GUST to clean tight areas in copiers, faxes, and typewriters. With GUST I don't have to completely disassemble the machines."
-- A.R., Orlando, FL

For more than 20 years, Stoner has developed and manufactured auto detailing products for professionals. Now, at, you too can get the same products demanded by professional detailers, show car collectors, and finicky auto enthusiasts. Perhaps you've seen us in...

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