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What Pros Use on Tires

More Shine is the fastest and easiest way to make your tires look their best. This long-lasting, spray-on coating makes dull, faded tires look brand new in seconds. More Shine is preferred by professional auto detailers, finicky car collectors, car dealers, and other enthusiasts who care about their vehicles! Here's why...

More Shine is not a messy foam or drippy liquid. This easy-to-use aerosol needs no wiping. Apply 1 coat for a dull satin finish, 2 coats for high gloss. Takes just 15 seconds per tire, won't harm wheels or paint, and gives UV protection.

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Here's Why Pros Prefer More Shine...

The other brands don't last because they're made with surfactants (soaps) that wash off easily with water. More Shine contains no surfactants so it lasts longer and won't "brown" tires. More Shine is clear and non-greasy, but it's not a paint. One application of More Shine lasts for weeks on your tires.

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When you order a 12-can case you'll get a volume discount plus FREE shipping and handling. Most orders ship the same day. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Here’s How to Make Your Tires Look Their Best...

Step 1

Using a steady hand motion, apply a uniform coating to sidewall of clean tires for best results. If desired, More Shine may be sprayed onto a rag and wiped on surface.

Step 2

Although More Shine will not harm or discolor most materials, always test first in a small, out-of-sight area before using on other surfaces. Overspray from all tire dressings may temporarily or permanently discolor ground surfaces. These surfaces can be protected with cardboard or a similar shield placed near tire.

Here's Why Enthusiasts Prefer More Shine...

Finicky Show Truck Owner

"I just wanted to say how much I love your More Shine. It works really fast, and lasts a very long time, but tires aren't the only thing that I use it for on my 98 Dodge Dakota. I show my basically stock truck at most of the local car shows around where I live and I use More Shine for spraying down the under carriage of my truck, and also the frame. I just spray it on and then go back over it with a clean towel and wipe it again. It also works great for spraying down the engine compartment before a show. It makes everything look nice and clean.
I got first place at a judged show one time and heard the judge say that when he was looking at the frame on my truck he wondered to himself if the guy ever drove this truck. With a grin on my face, I said "Every day of the week." I am sure glad you guys started marketing your products for the do-it-yourself consumer who likes to keep his vehicle looking as new as possible. Keep up the good work."
-- J. Seymour, IL

Car Magazine Editor

"Your More Shine Less tire dressing is superior in that it is much more directional than the foamy products and doesn't get all over the wheels. It's also much quicker to use and doesn't leave residue on the driveway. I liked it for car shows where you're presenting your car for others to see over the short term.
I found your products to be like tools in a tool kit. Some of them are specific and do their job quickly and effectively. Others are more generic and have a wider range of applications."
-- P. Williams, Canadian Driver magazine

Dusty Road Runner

"In rural Nebraska where I live, Armor All was the only product I could find. On these dirt roads, Armor All attracts dust and wears off in a flash. But then I got a can of More Shine at a car show. It doesn't attract dust and lasts a long time. It's my new product. Good-bye Armor All, hello Stoner."
-- P. Shearer, NE

Web Shopper in Seattle

"I just want to let you know I think your products and the ease of your on-line ordering are great! Specifically your "MoreShine Less Time" tire spray. I live in Seattle and needless to say it rains here...lots. Your "Moreshine" tire spray lasts "lots" too. Unlike the auto store tire sprays that wash off with the first road wetness, your "Moreshine" really lasts. My tires look nicer longer, and I use less product (maybe I shouldn't tell you that, huh?).
What's more, your product gives my tires a real "tire" look and not some shiny, plastic and, yes, tacky look like the other sprays. I would also like to say that your web site ordering is one of the best. It's quick; it's integrated; it makes sense; and it's easy to use! I do most of my shopping on-line so I know the good from the bad and you are one of the best. Thanks Stoner."
-- H. Seymour, WA

New Believer

"I used More Shine for the first time yesterday and cannot believe how good it makes the tires on my Durango look. I especially like that it dries quickly too and doesn't splash. I'm going to tell all of my friends and family about your website."
-- E. Sarrat, via email

Thankful Enthusiast

"More Shine makes tires shine without that greasy look. And the goop that spins onto the wheels and inner fenders is thankfully missing."
-- R. Braud, CA

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