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Have you noticed that tar, sap, grease, and other road grime is accumulating on the exterior of your vehicle? It will damage your car's finish and dull your paint if you don't remove it. It won't wash off with soap and water. Detergents can't remove it. What can you do? You need the solution preferred by professional auto detailers, dealers, and enthusiasts. You need Tarminator.

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Here's Why Pros Prefer Tarminator...

Tarminator breaks down the complex molecules found in tar and other sticky materials. This unique MicroActive cleaning technology gives Tarminator unequaled ability to remove even "baked-on" tar, grease, sap, and asphalt.

Tarminator is the fastest and easiest way to remove difficult road grime. Best of all, it's specially formulated to clean quickly without harming paint, clearcoats, and other finishes. Simply spray it on, and wipe surfaces clean.

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Here's How to Easily Remove Road Tar...

Step 1

For best results, wash vehicle with soap and water before using Tarminator. This will prevent rubbing excess dirt and grit over the paint finish.

Step 2

Spray Tarminator into a soft, clean cloth. Gently wipe a Tarminator-soaked cloth over pre-washed surface to lift and remove tar, sap, grease, and asphalt. For difficult residue, reapply or spray directly onto surface and let Tarminator penetrate for a few minutes before wiping.

Step 3

Wipe or rinse surfaces after use to remove excess cleaner. Helpful hints from the pros: Tarminator is virtually harmless to most painted surfaces and automotive trim. However, it is a powerful cleaner which can be harmful to some plastics, adhesives, decals, or solvent-sensitive materials. Before using, always test for compatibility in a small, out-of-sight area. Avoid over application which can run and drip onto sensitive materials.

Here's Why Enthusiasts Prefer Tarminator...

Sap Removal Fanatic

I bought your Tarminator and have used it twice so far to get rid of sap. I want more right now. This stuff works...period. I've just thrown away near full containers of your competitors' sap and tar remover solutions. Solutions -- that's a joke. They were not solutions; they were problems.
The difference between Tarminator and the others is simple. The others don't work. They just don't work. And your staff people were incredibly helpful. They made it a genuine pleasure to spend money. This is what satisfied customers are about. When I run out of the current cans, I will call you for a full case. Keep up the great work. Someone out there appreciates it.
—M.B., Los Angeles, CA

Uses Tarminator on his Car

My white car got sprayed by a greasy substance while I was on the freeway, and I've spent months trying to remove the zebra stripes that ran from the front to the back of the entire car. I spent 60 minutes today, cleaning the entire body with Tarminator and it's all gone. My car is completely residue/stripe free. One time, complete removal!
— N. Grobler, Alamo, CA

Uses Tarminator on his SUV

I'm a fanatic when I clean my car and SUV. I want them to sparkle from top to bottom. Tires, wheels, running boards - I clean it all. What I always dreaded the most was cleaning the road tar along the rocker panels and the bugs on the front. My arm and elbow would ache from all the rubbing and effort with the other cleaners I've tried. Not anymore! I can't believe how great your product works. It definitely used to take me much longer to clean the road tar and bugs. I would have to go over the same areas again and again.
Tarminator just wipes it all away. I have bought more than one product to do what Tarminator does. I have added other products to my wash water hoping it would start to loosen the tar and bugs. I would also apply the other products again and again to get the tar and bugs to come off. Tarminator worked right away.
— C. Polashock, Monroe Township, NE

Uses Tarminator on his Truck

Tarminator helped me to remove a lot of the tar spots on my 2003 Dodge Ram. These spots were all but impossible to remove, or so I thought. Thanks to Tarminator the spots are all gone. I've tried almost everything and Tarminator delivered the first time. There is no comparison. I only wish that I found Tarminator sooner
— G. Vacca, Littleton, CO

Uses Tarminator on his RV

Tarminator removed tar from the front of my RV with no effort. Instead of rubbing and rubbing, it just took a little bit on a cloth and 'presto' the tar was gone. It was so great I did the entire front of the RV. It got rid of the bugs too. Tarminator is the only brand I will buy in the future.
— D. Morton, NE

Uses Tarminator on his Motorcycle

Tarminator was the ONLY product out of countless other tar and grease cleaners that would remove sticker residue off my motorcycle faring. (Including specialized sticker removing solutions and Goo Gone!) Then I used it on my white wheels that were a wreck with chain grease and brake dust... I thought the clouds were going to part and angels would blow trumpets!!! NOTHING works on these like Tarminator.
After witnessing, my friend (who had sold the bike to me and given up on getting the sticker residue off) was an instant believer. Now we joke about almost running out and feeling like a drug addict who is "jonesing" for another can. I also let my boss use some on his white van. He couldn't believe it. We just put an order in on the site to split between us.
Now, cleaning my motorcycle is as easy as spraying the dirty/greasy parts down and wiping (one swipe) with a towel. Before, I dreaded the countless applications of cleaner and the repeated, intensive scrubbing.
I don't have to pay a paint/body shop to buff off sticker residue and I also don't have to waste money on worthless products that don't produce these results. I've found my brand, and so has my freind and co-worker.
— C. Bleile, CO

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