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Clean it with XENIT (zee-nit) to remove adhesives, gum, decals, labels, crayon, grease, marker, ink, shoe scuffs, tar, sap, and other sticky gunk. XENIT is the fastest and easiest way to clean difficult grime from carpet, glass, metals, fabrics, countertops, flooring, upholstery, vinyl, walls, and more. XENIT removes the stuff that soap and water can't. XENIT even lifts dried latex paint, lipstick, and permanent marker.

XENIT contains NO soap or water. Instead, it contains more powerful ingredients like Citrus 66, a natural cleaning solvent. Unlike most water-based cleaners that just lift and carry dirt, XENIT's MicroActive cleaning action loosens and breaks down the complex molecules found in sticky materials and difficult stains. XENIT leaves no residue, has a pleasant orange scent, and contains a disinfectant to help kill germs and odors.

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XENIT is such an amazing cleaner, you'll probably find yourself using it everywhere you live, work, and play. XENIT quickly removes labels, decals, and adhesives from glass, wood, vinyl, and metals. If you have children, you'll love how XENIT miraculously removes chewing gum from carpet and upholstery. XENIT easily cleans permanent marker, crayon and lipstick from walls, woodwork, and countertops. It even removes dried latex paint if accidentally dripped on carpet, flooring, or furniture.

You'll be surprised at how well XENIT removes shoe scuffs and heel marks from vinyl and wood flooring and greasy dirt from fabrics and upholstery. So, next time you have a sticky, grimy mess, don't worry. Simply Clean it with XENIT!

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Here's Why Enthusiasts prefer Xenit!

"XENIT easily cleans up road grime. It's the only product we've found at ML Motorsports which will remove a rubber doughnut off the side of our race cars after running speedways like Daytona or Talladega. It's the only product we use to maintain the look of our equipment."
--T.B., Shop Foreman, ML Motorsports

Desperate to Remove Adhesives

"I honestly and truly cannot begin to thank you for your XENIT brand cleaner. By sheer coincidence, since I don't read this magazine, I saw an ad for XENIT in AutoWeek magazine. It claims to remove so many things, but my problem, I thought, was especially difficult. We bought a 1996 Honda Odyssey last year and have loved it except for the fact that it had this ugly, aftermarket wood trim applied to the interior. Well our first job after purchasing the car was to remove that trim, but then we were left with the adhesive mess. We tried everything to get it off and nothing worked. It was to the point where my wife was ready to sell the van just because the mess was driving her nuts (she is the primary driver of the van).
Well, when I called your company, I explained my dilemma to the service representative who was confident and reassuring that XENIT would do the job. I ordered with great skepticism, but since your product is cheaper than a new car, what did I have to lose?
When the box came a mere 2 days later, I was surprised, but the best was yet to come. When I used it and the glue easily came off in my rag, I ran in the house to grab my wife and tell her to come out and look. Needless to say, she joined in and in less than an hour we went from "I can't stand it anymore" to "I can't believe how good it looks." With a little help afterwards from Trim Shine, the dash looks almost brand new.
I can't thank you enough for saving me $20,000 on a new car and my family's sanity. I am SURE I will be doing business with your company. And thank you for your fine customer service and your fine product line. I will make sure that I will be your biggest advertiser up here."
-- D.L., Richmond, VA

Where can I get more?

"Your XENIT product is fantastic. I happened on it at a Menards store in Elk River Minnesota. I bought one can and it is great for just about everything. I am on your web site to try to find where I can purchase another can of XENIT and a can of Invisible Glass Window Cleaner which I also got at Menards. They are great products. XENIT by far is better than most cleaners I have used."
-- D.H., Mesa, AZ

Surprising results

"I had to drop you a line to let you know how great I think your XENIT Cleaner is. I purchased a can about a month ago and have tried it on a number of tough cleaning projects and was surprised at the results. It even took the dried paint off my nylon jogging jacket. I made sure I stopped and bought two more cans yesterday before the store sold out. Again thanks for a great product that lives up to its advertisement."
-- K.W., Derry, PA

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